10 Stocking Stuffer ideas for Toddlers {that they will love}

Ahh to be a kid again! I remember so vividly lying in my room on Christmas Eve desperately trying to fall asleep. When I finally did drift off, it couldn’t have been for very long because my brother and I would wake-up at the crack of dawn and run into the living room. We were allowed to dive into our stockings but were not allowed to open a single present until my parents were up.

We would tear through our stockings in a matter of minutes, and attempt to get their coffee brewing in hopes that would entice them to wake up. In an attempt at more sleep my mom started wrapping everything in our stockings (anything for a few extra minutes of sleep). It worked. Plus we loved it, it was like mini presents. She continued doing that every year until we were grown adults.

Now that I have littles Christmas is such a special time and I am so looking forward to creating those memories with them. They can’t quite reach their stockings yet so I don’t need to wrap what’s inside, but I have found filling them can be a struggle. What do you put in a toddlers stocking??



Here are 10 ideas that are sure to be a hit

1.) Spinbrush toothbrush with their favorite character. Paw Patrol anyone?

2.) Bathbombs these fun bath bombs color the water and smell great.

3.) Munchkin Fishing Bath Toy 

4.) Character Undies! My daughter loves to pick out her Paw Patrol undies in the morning.

5.) Fuzzy Socks. I found a pair for $4. Perfect!

6.) Mug Treats a single serving of rainbow cake plus frosting!

7.) Kinder Joy a treat and a toy in one!

8.) Beanie. My daughter loves her hats! These bright colored ones are so fun and add the perfect pop of color.

9.) Mittens in faux fur to match the beanie.

10.) Band-aids. I don’t know why, but my daughter absolutely loves band-aids. She treats them like stickers.