The Best Beach Cover-Ups

Happy Monday friends! I have to admit, I’m usually a tank and denim shorts over my bathing suit kinda girl. But I knew that wouldn’t be the case when I was preparing for my trip to Mexico. The only jean shorts that fit are maternity and have an elastic waistband. Not exactly the look I was going for. HA. I also knew I wouldn’t be totally comfortable just walking around the resort in my bikini so I went in search of a few cover-ups! I fell in love with a brand called ‘Pool to Party’ –this is in no way sponsored– I just love the two I purchased and want to share. I picked up a tan long vest which can be worn many different ways, as well as a floral print with tassels that ties around the neck.  Both so beautiful, light, and airy.

Once I got home, I found so many more that I wish could have made the trip with me! Maybe next time.

7 Must-Haves For a Tropical Vacation

Hola! If you follow along with my insta and instastories, you probably saw that I was just in Mexico! AJ and I went down to Cancun with my family for some much needed R&R before our second little one arrives and we really have our hands full!

I strategically packed and was able to fit everything (including a non-collapsible hat) into a carry-on suitcase. That’s 9 tops, 7 dresses, 4 pairs of shorts, 3 bathing suits, 2 cover-ups, 2 pairs of sandals, a sweater and a straw hat. Plus hair and make-up supplies, jewelry, bras and panties, skincare, make-up, and sunglasses!

Here is a list of the top things I used or wore the most, so you can pack like an all-star and get off the plane and onto the beach faster!

1.) Hat.

2.) Sunscreen.

3.) Bathing suits.

4.) Sunglasses.

5.) Denim Shorts.

6.) Lip Color.

7.) Tinted Moisturizer.


Vanity Lash Lounge

The holidays are officially over and if you’re anything like me you may be feeling the need for a detox. The holidays can be so fun and magical, but they can also be stressful, and let’s not even talk about everything we eat and drink.

My skin was feeling the effects of my holiday hangover, so I popped into Vanity Lash Lounge last week for a chemical peel. I’ve had facials in the past but never a peel. From everything I new, my skin would be bright red after I left and would eventually begin to peel. Wrong. The type of peel they offer does all the ‘peeling’ while you’re in the chair!

The atmosphere is super swanky with dim lights and accent pink walls.

I sat down to fill out my paperwork and saw this. You guys, I have never been to a salon where they offer a cocktail while your service is being done. I’ve only seen places like this on T.V. I mean don’t get me wrong, I know they are around here in Seattle as well, but I hadn’t found one until now. Color me happy.

After I finished my paperwork the esthetician brought me into a private room where we talked about my skin concerns and what I wanted to achieve. At her suggestion, I opted for the ‘fire and ice’ peel.

It is exactly what you would imagine. The first part burns as the skin is being essentially ‘peeled’ but it only last for a few minutes. The second phase immediately puts out the fire and cools the skin off. Leaving you with a fresh, new layer of skin. When I left my skin appeared completely normal. No redness, no peeling. Just uber soft. As the week went on, I noticed my pores were smaller and my skin remained silky smooth! It was the perfect way to refresh and revitalize my skin after a month of craziness.