15 Easter Dresses under $200

Have you started thinking about what you’re wearing for Easter this year? Nordstrom has you covered! I found 15 PERFECT dresses for the occasion ranging from $59 to $189.


Best Drugstore Beauty Products

Hey friends!! First off, let me apologize for being M.I.A. lately. Life has been so hectic and I apologize that I have not been updating you all on everything going on at casa de Leon! So first off, baby update. I am currently 32 weeks…not too much longer and I’ll finally be able to hold that little squish in my arms! I can’t wait! I had my glucose test the other day and passed, that’s great news considering all the sweets I’ve been craving. I was a little nervous.. haha. I think Coco is starting to grasp that something is happening with mommy because she lifts up my shirt and says “baby” so sweet! Now let’s all just pray she transitions well once baby actually arrives.

In other news, I feel like I am at Target every other day. Not because I need to be, but because it’s target and I love it. What can I say? I always peruse the beauty aisle to check out the new products, and pick up my tried and true favorites. I’ve worn the same Maybelline mascara since I was 15.  I can not and will not switch, I’ve tried others but honestly have not found anything better! Recently, I was turned on to a concealer and it is seriously so amazing. Now I know why all the beauty bloggers rave about it. I mostly use it as an under eye concealer. It stays put all day, doesn’t crease, and goes on so smoothly.

Is there anything better than finding drugstore beauty products that work the same (or better) as the expensive brands? I know, I can be a sucker for the expensive stuff because I feel like it will be so much better. But thats not always the case. Here are a few of my favorite products that won’t break the bank!


5 Tips for Transitioning your Wardrobe into Spring

The sun has been peeking out more and more and I can feel spring upon us!! I am so ready to put away my big winter coats and lighten things up! Here are my top tips for easily transitioning your wardrobe into spring.

1.) Switch out your heavy winter jacket for a vest, cardigan, or denim jacket.

2.) We tend to lean toward darker colors in the winter so get the feeling of sunshine by adding in pops of pastels or brighter colors.

3.) Swap out your dark denim for lighter shades of blues, colored jeans, or even white.

4.) Play with textures.  Layering a knit sweater over a midi length pleated skirt, or try a casual sneaker with a dress.

5.) Swap your closed toe boots and booties out for ones with a peep toe or sandals with a closed toe.