Bathtime with Baby Dove

There are so many things that are not really talked about when you are expecting a baby. Like how to protect their delicate skin, or what to do if you have a baby with sensitive skin. That’s why I am so excited to be partnering with Baby Dove! Their line of cleansers and lotions is made without dyes, parabens, phthalates, or sulfates so I can trust it to nourish and protect my baby’s delicate skin.

Bathtime is such a special time with my littlest. It is something that we can do together where it’s just us. No distractions. She loves the water and is so calm, relaxed, and happy during bath time. A happy baby makes for a happy mama! I give her a bath about three times a week (more if we have a blowout or a spit up catastrophe) before bedtime. I love to use Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Tip to Toe Wash for her baths. Since Baby Dove cleansers and lotions are made with 100% skin-natural nutrients, they are ultra-gentle for newborn skin.

Bathtime is always followed up with more one-on-one mama time! I’ve found putting lotion on her body and giving her a little massage relaxes and soothes her even more, which ultimately prepares her for bedtime. I use Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture Baby Lotion to lock in moisture for up to 24 hours. It is fragrance-free for her sensitive skin and dermatologist and pediatrician tested, leaving behind only the yummy goodness scent that is new baby! Perfect for all the post bath snuggles!

The Baby Dove Sensitive Moisture range was designed for babies with sensitive skin, so it’s the perfect thing to use. The cleansers and lotions have nutrients that are identical to what is found naturally in the skin, so it goes beyond mildness to replenish moisture and needed nutrients.

Use this coupon to try Baby Dove for yourself.

This is a sponsored post written by me, on behalf of Baby Dove. However, all thoughts and opinion are my own.
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