I drank celery juice for 15 days // Here’s what happened

I drank celery juice for 15 days. Started each morning with a big ol glass of fresh juiced celery. Why you ask?

The medical medium has a whole boat load of information on celery juice and it’s benefits including helping with multiple sclerosis, thyroid issues, rheumatoid arthritis, gout, diabetes, and acne to name a few. So naturally, I decided to give it a whirl and see what it would be able to do for me.

I don’t have any debilitating illnesses, I have hypothyroidism and a chronic ache of my knees that oddly seems to only come when I am going to sleep. I attribute that to having rheumatoid arthritis in one knee as a very small child and then playing countless years of soccer among other sports. Nevertheless, what could it hurt?

Before we get into what I noticed during those 15 days, lets start by explaining how you juice.

The “rules” of celery juicing are simple. Juice one large bunch first thing in the morning. It should yield about 16 oz. The only things to keep in mind are to buy organic celery in order to avoid any pesticides and other harmful additives, rinse well, juice it, drink it first thing in the morning on an empty stomach, and wait 15-30 minutes after drinking to consume anything else. Easy peasy.

It actually became a thing I would do every morning with my 2 year old. She even said “are we making celery juice.” So smart. Yes baby, we are. And we did.

What I noticed

About 3 days in to my juicing I started noticing my skin was feeling super soft and my pores were the smallest I have ever seen them. To me, that was amazing. I have tried everything to shrink my pores. Expensive facials, charcoal masks, pore strips, you name it. Nothing worked. Nothing except for drinking celery juice in the morning. Weird, but true. Apparently the celery juice works to rid your body of gunk and therefore it also clears out your skin.

I also noticed my knee pain was diminished. It wasn’t gone but I no longer found myself  restless in bed and trying to fight my urge to take Ibuprofen (which is hard on your stomach) just so I could get to sleep. Another huge win for me.

What I noticed after I stopped

Here’s the funny thing. I randomly just stopped drinking my celery juice. I never had the intent to try it for a certain amount of days and then stop. It just happened. One morning I was exhausted (more than usual) and needed my coffee before anything else. And so my downhill slide of no celery juice started.

It’s only been about 4 days since I stopped. I’m sounding like an addict. HA! But I am noticing things now that I’m not drinking the juice that I hadn’t noticed before. After meals I feel bloated. It didn’t dawn on me that I wasn’t feeling bloated after meals while drinking THE JUICE until today. It could be a coincidence, or it could be the juice. Either way, I’m starting up again tomorrow morning. I can’t get enough of the green stuff.

If you want to try juicing and don’t have a juicer. Cut your celery up into small pieces and place it into a blender. Try and blend it as much into a liquid as possible, then strain it through a cheesecloth. Also, be sure to check out the medical medium and learn more about the benefits of celery juice.

If you have tried celery juice or are going to start after reading this, leave me a comment! I love hearing from you.



My Spring Reading List

Is there anything better than laying by a pool or any body of water for that matter, and emerging yourself in a good book? So relaxing. With Spring and vacations on the horizon I’ve started to compile my Spring reading list.

I am a huge fan of suspense and mystery books, so that is what you’ll find here.

1.) The Woman in the Window by A.J. Finn.

Anna is an agoraphobic and spends her days drinking wine, watching movies, and spying on her neighbors. One night, while spying she believes she sees a crime..from there the hunt is on to determine what is real and what is imagined. This suspense novel is already in production to be a movie so you know it’s a good one!




2.) The Wife by Alafair Burke

When Angela met Jason, she didn’t imagine that he would become so successful and well known. Women begin to accuse him of things and Angela sticks by his side. That is, until one of them goes missing. Is he guilty     or innocent?




3.) Something in the Water by Catherine Steadman

When a couple honeymoons in Bora Bora they find something in the water. From there they are forced to make a choice. Their decision triggers a series of devastating events. If you are a Ruth Ware fan this book is for you!




4.) The New Girl by Ingrid Alexandra

Mary gains a new roommate and everyone feels she’s a little off, except for Mary. The new girl soon becomes a friend and an ally, and Mary begins to notice they have more in common than she ever imagined..




5.) The Bridal Party by J.G. Murray

When the maid of honor backs out of the bachelorette party the day before she leaves people feeling upset and confused. Tensions begin to boil over as secrets are revealed at this isolated seaside house.




I’ll be starting with “The Woman in the Window” and I invite you to read along with me!



4 Perfect Travel Outfits

If there’s one thing I hate, it’s being uncomfortable on a long flight. As much as I want to look chic and like I’m not about to sit in a tiny uncomfortable seat for 9 hours, I just can’t bring myself to put on tight jeans and a blouse.

So, as we prepare for our upcoming trip to Turkey and Greece I’m already thinking about what I’ll be packing. Naturally.
My goal is to bring a carry-on ONLY. Therefore, everything I pack needs to be multifunctional. What’s the over-under I can do it?

The Key Items

Joggers or leggings are the perfect bottoms. They are comfy for the plane ride and also work for cozy nights in.

I always pair my bottoms with a basic tank. I don’t know why but I always get hot schlepping around my luggage. Maybe it’s the heavy luggage, maybe it’s the excitement of the trip, maybe it’s both.

Also, 80% of the time, the destination I’m traveling to is hotter than where I came from and I like to be able to ditch my top layer the second I step off the plane and enjoy the feeling of  warm sunshine on my skin.

Next up, something to keep me warm on the plane. This again, has to be a multipurpose layer. I always lay out my outfits as I’m packing and grab a jacket or two that can go over any outfit on a chilly night. Denim jackets are usually a solid choice for warm destinations. If I’m really tight on space in my suitcase, I’ll wear a sweater or sweatshirt and tie my jacket around my waist. Major space saver!

Lastly, shoes. Chances are sneakers made the list of items to pack. I can’t tell you the amount of times I packed them and said “I’ll workout while I’m on vacation” and didn’t actually workout. Regardless, they make the list of packing essentials. Except they are clunky and space hogs, so wear them and pack the sandals.

Below is a combination of 4 different multifunctional outfits that will take you from the airport and beyond.