Mother’s Day gift basket with Sprouts

Every year I stumble with what to get my mom for Mother’s Day, and inevitably I come up with the same idea year after year. A pedicure and lunch. Both of which we never end up doing because of conflicting schedules. Then it falls to the way side and is forgotten about until the next year.

Not this year! I decided to do something a little different and create a gift basket. Something tangible, and thoughtful. I find gift baskets turn out the best when they are centered around a theme. Being a busy grandma from Seattle, she loves her coffee, so I based the basket around that.

I headed to my local Sprouts Farmers Market for supplies. They have an amazing variety of coffee cold brews, and organic foods. Plus you can’t beat their prices! I found everything from Vital Proteins Collagen creamer packets, to Sprouts Blend K-Cups, as well as treats to go along with her coffee, like Sprouts Coconut Rolls. I even included cinnamon so she can create the perfect hot coffee or grab a pre-made cold brew on the run!


A complete list of everything I used to fill up my Mother’s Day basket. Perfect for the coffee loving mama (or any coffee lover) in your life:

  • Vital Proteins single serve collagen creamer packets (X3)
  • Bulletproof cold brew X2 (one vanilla, one mocha)
  • Tillamook Stumptown cold brew coffee ice cream
  • Sprouts cinnamon
  • Grady’s Cold Brew
  • Sprouts coconut water with coffee
  • Bolthouse Farms mocha cappuccino
  • Sprouts coconut rolls
  • Cold-Brew high brew coffee
  • Sprouts organic dark chocolate and caramel with sea salt bar
  • Sprouts organic sprouts blend K-cups

** This post is sponsored by Sprouts **


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