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Hi friends! Let me start by saying that I am so glad you’re here and I am excited to answer all your questions!
Friends reach out to me all the time asking for fashion advice ranging from which shoes look better with a certain dress, to dress suggestions for attending a destination wedding. It was from those questions that my husband suggested I add a page onto my blog that would allow me to talk to all of you and answer any questions you may have. Fashion and beyond. So here we are!

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“Hi Jamie!

What is your favorite stores/brands for swimwear? I have a larger chest (32 DD) and I like my bottoms to fit snug. ???? I’ve ordered several online and even if it’s a large the top is still too small.”

Hi there! The good news is most swimwear companies have realized that just because we might be a size 10 on top doesn’t mean we are on the bottom, or vice versa! Separates are the way to go because you can choose different sizes. I’ve rounded up a few different options that suit women with larger bust, and they have separate bottoms (some in different styles also) so you can choose that size separately. Hope this helps!

“Hi Jamie,
Do you have any tips for maternity dress shopping? I want to buy online but I don’t know what my sizes will be in a few months.
Thanks, Sara”

Hi mama! Good news! Maternity brands tend to keep it simple for us. When it comes to maternity dresses, go with the size you normally wear. If you ‘re a small when you’re not pregnant, order a size small in maternity. Also, maternity clothes are meant to stretch and grow right along with you. I’ve found that dresses or tops that I buy when I’m 5 months pregnant fit all the way up until delivery. Here are a few of my favorite, for the whole 9 months.

Also, don’t spend a lot of money.. they aren’t forever pieces after all. I like to buy pieces from Target, Old Navy, Gap, Asos, Macy’s, and Pink Blush.

“Dear Jamie,
What are some tips on mixing patterns?
Sincerely, Tina”

Hi Tina,  I honestly, don’t think there are many rules to this anymore, rules were meant to be broken after all! And fashion influencers everywhere are mixing pattern on a whole new level. However, I do have a few simple tips for you to keep in mind when starting your pattern play exploration.

1.) Pick the print or piece that you want to be your main focus. Whether it’s a dress or shirt, this pattern should be the largest. Everything else should be a smaller print.

2.) Stripes and florals with a mutual color always works. The same goes for stripes and polka dots.

3.) When in doubt, go with neutrals. A neutral piece (think stripes or polka dots in tan, black, brown, grey, or navy) can be paired with just about anything.

4.) Leopard is a neutral and goes with everything.


Do you know anything about alterations? I feel like wearing stuff that fits you well is key. But I don’t ever get stuff fitted because of cost ( I assume it’s expensive but don’t really know). Can you share tips on how much it is on average and how you change the look of a frumpy sweater into a nice fitted sweater?
– Brenda”

Hi Brenda! Absolutely, fit is a game changer when it comes to pieces like a structured dress, dress shirt, jacket, denim, and trousers. Unfortunately, I don’t think much can be done to sweaters due to the material, but that is a great question for a tailor. Nordstrom offers free basic alterations on most full-priced items. You can even call for a tailor to come up to your dressing room before you buy. That way you can see how something will look before you purchase.

Here is a list of common prices for certain alterations:

  • Shorten sleeves: $19
  • Shorten sleeves on jacket: $23-28
  • Take in the body of a jacket: $40-52
  • Take in a dress shirt: $20
  • Adjust shoulders of a jacket: $35
  • Hem a skirt or dress: $15
  • Hem jeans or pants: $10
  • Take in a dress: $45

“Hi Jamie,
I need a good instant bronzer lotion. Is there one that you recommend?
Thanks! Camisha”

Hi Camisha! This one is a no brainer for me. The product I swear by is Vita Liberata’s Body Blur. It goes on like a lotion to give you an instant bronze color while smoothing over any imperfections. I also love their self tanner!

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