Black Friday tips and tricks

Can you believe Black Friday is less than 2 weeks away? When I was younger, Black Friday sales started at midnight, now they start on Thanksgiving Day, heck some retailers are starting now!

I have so much nostalgia around it. I would lay on my stomach sprawled out on the floor after Thanksgiving dinner and scour the newspaper searching through all the Ads making mental notes on where to go first and what store opened the earliest. I would round up a girlfriend or a boyfriend and make them go to the mall with me. We made mad dashes grabbing items and stood in lines that made Disneyland look tame. The things we bought were great, but the memories we made were even better.

Now I can do it all from the comfort of my couch while the turkey roasts in the oven. How times have changed. I can’t really say I miss the days of staying up late or waking up super early to get the deals though. With little kids in the house it’s hard to do anything that requires staying up late or getting up at the crack of dawn. Free delivery doesn’t hurt either.

One of the retailer with the biggest bang for your buck on Black Friday is and has always been Macy’s. You can score everything from cashmere sweaters to top of the line pots and pan sets at Macys. This year I am hoping to score a North Face jacket, fingers crossed it’s on sale.

My tips for scoring the best Black Friday deals.

Do your research. Head over to where you can check out the Black Friday ads from some of your favorite retailers like Macy’s, Pacsun, Banana Republic, Dick’s Sporting Goods, and Ulta.

Take note of what time things go on sale. A lot of times online deals will start the morning of Thanksgiving.

Sometimes you can score even deeper discounts by shopping within a certain time frame. The front page of an ad will usually inform you of an extra discounts or free goodies with your purchase.

Jump online now! If there is something you really want, don’t wait until the day of to search the site and put it in your cart. Go online now, login to your account (create one if you don’t already have one) and add the item to your cart or wishlist. That way it will already be there on the day of and all you have to do is click checkout.

Download Apps. A lot of retailers will offer a special one time percentage off of your order when you shop through their app. Double up on your saving by using that code during Black Friday. Some retailers also offer app only exclusive discounts.

Free after rebate. Yes you read that right. This year, Macy’s is offering doorbusters that will cost you nothing once you mail in your rebate! It is limit on per household and of course while supplies last.

Here’s what caught my eye so far.

I’ve already checked out the Macy’s Black Friday ad through and found so many great items for everyone on my list. My Nespresso machine with milk frother (I can’t live without it) will be on sale for $124, originally $312. Also, 25% off North Face for the whole family. Looks like I’ll be scooping up that jacket!

Happy shopping friends! If you found this post useful or have any other tips, leave a comment.

// Jamie