Beyond the basic denim skirt

Ahh the denim skirt. A spring and summer wardrobe staple. The older I’ve gotten the farther I have drifted away from the basic denim mini skirt I once loved. Now I’m gravitating toward a longer version or one with a little something extra to offer.

When I saw this criss cross number I knew I had to have it. It adds so much to the most basic of outfit. I paired it with a  cropped hoodie and sneakers because it’s still a little chilly here even on a sunny day. As the weather warms up I’ll be switching out my sneakers for sandals and throwing it on with a tank.

I also fell in love with this longer version the moment we locked eyes. It adds a layer of sophistication to the denim skirt without losing it’s ability to be a little sexy! It’s perfect paired with wedges and form fitting top or bodysuit.


Top 5 Buys // March ’19

It’s no shocker that I shop a lot. I find and buy so many different things every single month! Some are hits, others are misses. Which is why, I thought it would be fun to start sharing my favorites with you. These are the top 5 things that I bought over the last month that are the biggest wins!




BB Dakota // Madewell Sale Picks

Two of my favorite brands are having sales right now! Sharing my picks for each sale, including my favorite basic tanks and t-shirt dresses.

BB Dakota // Take 30% off your order with code: BBDFAM30

Madewell // My favorite basic tanks are 25% off right now, along with a ton of other items with code: HEYBUDS




1 Graphic Tee // Styled 3 ways

It’s no secret I have a love for graphic tee’s. I find they add just the right amount of visual interest to any outfit. I splurged on this Anine Bing tee recently and it has been well worth the money. It literally goes with everything!

For look one, I paired it with a pair of leopard jeans and black vans. Perfect for running errands or happy hour!


For look two, I wanted to show how a graphic could easily be dressed up. I paired it with a simple silk black skirt and sock booties. If it’s chilly out, drape a leather jacket over your shoulders. The perfect look for date night!

Lastly, the most casual and easy outfit of them all. I went shopping the other day and threw on my graphic with a pair of high waisted jeans, sneakers, and a leather jacket. Hello cool mom.


Simple No Dressing Salad

This is for the young woman working at Trader Joe’s (I didn’t catch her name) but this was her creation and I feel it needs to be shared.

Oh Trader Joe’s how I love thee. There is never a shortage of new things to discover. Last week I was picking up groceries, as I typically do on a Sunday afternoon.. when I came across the sample table and noticed it was a healthy looking salad. Since I’m trying to shed a few more lbs. before our trip in April, I am all about that!

Naturally, I grabbed a sample cup. It’s not surprising that it was delicious (most things are at TJ’S) but it WAS surprising that it contained no salad dressing. Everyone knows that the dressing is what will get cha when it comes to a salad so a salad that doesn’t require dressing is a huge win.

My delight must have been obvious because the woman serving up samples asked if I wanted to try the version of the salad that she has made for the crew. She explained to me that when it comes to sampling dishes, Trader Joe’s likes to keep it to a 3 ingredient maximum and the salad she made had 4. Naturally, I said yes. The salad was even better! It’s simple, refreshing, delicious, and so so easy!


  • 1 bag of Power to the greens salad mix
  • 1 bunch cilantro (this was her added ingredient)
  • 1 lime
  • 1 container Balela
  • Optional: 1 grilled chicken breast (you can buy a bag of frozen grilled chicken breast strips at TJ’s)


Mix the salad mix with the Balela (juice and all) this will act as you dressing. Add in one bunch of cilantro or to your liking. Squeeze the juice of one lime over top. Mix together and top with chicken! It’s that easy people.


** This post is not sponsored or endorsed by Trader Joe’s**