Chicago Brewery Tour

Good morning everyone! We just got home from Chicago last night and I have so much to share with you all. If you were following me on Snapchat or IG story you probably already got a glimpse into all the daily excursions we embarked on. One of which being a brewery tour.

Our garage is my husbands man cave and he has the walls covered in different metal signs from breweries. All of which we have visited, for the exception of a few which were won. So of course when he found out we were going to Chicago (it was a surprise trip for his birthday, more on that later) he immediately looked into the beer scene.

Chicago has a few different brewery tours that you can sign up for but none of them hit both Lagunitas and Goose Island, which were a must on our list. So instead of doing a planned tour I devised a route using MapQuest and we rode Divvy bikes to and from each location. Which ended up being an awesome way to explore the city and way cheaper that taking 5 Ubers!Our first stop was Cruz Blanca. I was excited to try this place out because it was voted as one of the best new breweries. It also has a Taquería inside where you can order not just tacos, but beer pretzels, ceviche, salads, and margaritas for those who want something other than beer. We tried a flight of beer and the ceviche, both of which were wonderful!
After Cruz Blanca we rode about a mile and a half west to Goose Island. I loved the brick exterior and the can’t miss sign on the side of the building. I expected the tasting room to be slightly outdated since Goose Island has been around so long, but I was pleasantly surprised at what I found inside. There is so much to look at and detail was put into everything!

Our 3rd stop was Lagunitas. Lagunitas was unlike anything else or any bewery I’ve ever been to for that matter. The second we opened the door we were greated by two men checking I.D. and a long hallway with florescent paintings, swirling lights, and Willy Wonka music playing. The hallway eventually takes you around a corner where there’s a sign pointing to the location of the taproom and numerous other rooms along the way where presumably people work. Although it looks more like an adult playground with leather recliners. Once upstairs we found the merchandise room and a man doing magic tricks just outside the entrance to the actual taproom. There were literally surprises around every corner!

From Lagunitas we headed to Revolution Brewing. Revolution was huge inside and had so many beers on tap. I tried one of their seasonal beers that is brewed with Hibiscus flowers. Pink and delicious.

We closed out our make shift bike ride, brew tour with a stop at Half Acre Brew Company. I’m sad to say we didn’t get any pictures of the brewery but it must be a local hot spot because it was packed! AJ and I ended up sharing a table with another couple because there was literally no room left to stand and have a beer without being in someone’s way.

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