Gifts for the Hostess

The perfect gifts to bring for your holiday hostess or to gift to the person who loves throwing a party!

1.Cheese Knives: Elevate your hostess’ cheese plate with beautiful knives.

2. Fruit Infusing Ice Balls: These are so neat! Throw in a mint leaf, berry, or whatever you desire, fill with water and freeze. They add a little something to any drink! Whether it be lemon for water, or basil in your cocktail.

3. Glass Cake Dome: The most beautiful way to display your dessert.

4. Rainbow Guest Soap Box: These cute little soaps are perfect for any powder room.

5. Peppermint Bark: This is the best peppermint bark. It’s also available in white or dark chocolate and multiple different sizes. When in doubt, chocolate is always a good idea!

6. Flavored Simple Syrup Set: How cool are these!? Cucumber habanero margarita anyone?

7. Agate Cheese Board: The absolute prettiest way to display you cheese or charcuterie board.

8. Marble Wine Cooler: So pretty placed on the dining room table during entertaining.

9. Serving Spoons: Add a touch of glamour to the dinner table with these gold serving spoons.

10. Candle: Everyone loves a candle. Give them a touch of opulent sparkle with this one.

11. Cookbook: Chrissy Teigen nailed it with this cookbook. The recipes are delicious and so easy to make even I can do it!

Happy Shopping, Jamie