Colette’s First Trick-or-Treat

Hello friends! I hope everyone had a blast yesterday!
We started the evening off at my parents house for a quick bite before taking Coco out for her first time trick-or-treating. Getting out the door proved to be a little challenging as she was totally oblivious as to why we were making her put her costume back on. She had worn it to daycare and was totally over it. In typical toddler fashion, she threw herself onto the floor and flipped around in our arms as we tried to slip her lobster costume on over her head. Obviously we succeeded, and after reassuring her that she looked adorable, she decided it was ok if she left it on.
And so the real fun began! We headed out the door and proceeded to the neighbors house. We made it to the driveway before she decided she was done and wanted to go back home. Clearly, unaware of why we were making her go for a walk in a lobster costume. ???? After some coaxing, she made it up to the front door. The neighbor answered with his big bowl of candy and suddenly she realized why were knocking on doors. She had no hesitation from then on, going up to door after door with mom, dad, nana, or papa and asking strangers for candy. In the beginning, she would leave the house and immediately sit on the driveway after getting her candy and pull the piece out of her bag and ask to have it opened. I think she thought it would disappear if she didn’t eat it right that second. We let her enjoy 3 driveway stops, and 3 pieces of candy before we told her that was enough for the night and convinced her it was ok if she didn’t eat each morsel the second it hit the bottom of the basket. She didn’t seem to mind too much though, she happily carried her little ghost basket filled with goodies all night long. Proud of her accomplishments.
By the end of the night she was happily walking herself up to doorsteps and slapping her palm on doors. She had a blast and so did everyone who encountered her.


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  1. November 1, 2017 / 4:50 PM

    This is so cute! Unfortunately in Australia not everyone does trick or treating so it’s hard to go door to door but we still had heaps of fun!