My Holiday Wishlist

Since I’m in the middle of making gift guides for everyone, I figured why not share what’s on my holiday wishlist. After all, if you have a mom, sister, wife, or bestie in your life it may inspire you. Or, you may find something to add to your own wishlist!

So without further ado, here we go! An extensive list of everything I love, from clothing to shoes, to housewares.

My holiday wishlist. Clothing, shoes, accessories, and housewares.

Clothes & Shoes

Golden Goose sneakers: GG’s have been on my radar for awhile now, but I’ve never pulled the trigger.

Boots: Tis the season! I have my eye on so many boots right now.

Jackets: Can a girl ever have too many jackets? Maybe if you live in LA or Florida..but I live in Seattle, so the answer is no.


Designer Bag: I have been adding so many styles into my online wishlist lately. I will eventually buy one, but right now I’m still trying to decide between Fendi and Louis.

Jewelry: I own this cubic zirconia initial necklace and the dainty “mama” necklace (which I layer together). They are both so pretty and affordable.


Wine Glasses: I am obsessed with these wine glasses. So beautiful and unique.

Rugs: Ever since I updated our living room rug I have been inspired to do others throughout the house. I want everything to be in neutral tones and cohesive.

Salt & Pepper shakers: Exciting, I know. But small home updates can make a big difference!

Hopefully this holiday wishlist gave you a little inspiration this season.

Happy Shopping //


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