Rethink your bra, with Upbra

Ok ladies, I know I don’t normally talk bras with you..but this one is seriously cool. ¬†Upbra has redesigned the bra as we know it. Say goodbye to your same old same old shoulder strap bra! This bra doesn’t just have adjustable shoulder straps. It also has adjustable straps strategically placed underneath each cup. Once the bra is on you can decide how much lift or cleavage you need or want to give the girls! I’ve never seen another bra like it.

Want to know something even better? They’ve also designed an app to help you decide what size bra to order. Because, honestly, who likes to go into the dressing room with an ill fitting bra on and have a stranger come in and measure you. Ya no one.

Want to know more? Head on over to to learn all about Upbra technology and to see their new swim line!