Spring Family Photos

Ever since our precious little girl was born time has been flying by! Between the walking, talking (sometimes screaming) and booming personality it’s hard to remember her as just a tiny little baby. I have tons of photos of her on my phone, so much in fact even my cloud was full. But as her first birthday was approaching I realized I didn’t have many as a family and if I did they weren’t exactly photos I wanted to frame and display in our house.

I had to remind myself that as she grows she won’t remember these days. She wont remember AJ and I as young parents, and just as important as it is to capture her it is also important to capture all of us. Right now. In this moment.

Outfit details
On me: Maxi dress, also available in beige here

On AJ: Linen shirt, Chambray shorts

On Coco: Eyelet flutter dress, Jelly sandals