Sprouts Farmers Market in the Community

As a mama I know how important it is to have proper nutrition and supplements while pregnant. I was fortunate to be able to afford proper care, nutrition, and vitamins throughout my pregnancies. Unfortunately, that’s not always the case. Sprouts is working to change that by doing what they can to give back. Not just in our own backyard, but around the world.

Sprouts and Vitamin Angles

A staggering 7,000 babies die every day, 80% of which can be prevented. Sprouts’ and the Vitamin Angels program is doing it’s part to help decrease that number. The Vitamin Angels program helps underserved communities across the United States, and 74 countries around the world gain access to vitamins and minerals that can be life changing and even lifesaving.

Through August 29th at the Mill Creek Sprouts, when you purchase any one of more than 1,000 participating items across the store, Sprouts will donate .25 cents to Vitamin Angels. That may seem like a small amount, but it adds up quickly.

Since 2014, Sprouts’ and Vitamin Angels have provided over 6 million children with Vitamin A (lack of Vitamin A can lead to blindness) and deworming tablets. They hope to be able to eliminate infant mortality due to vitamin deficiency by the year 2030.

Food Rescue

From the moment Sprout’s opens its doors on the 14th it will be participating in a ‘food rescue’ program. So what does that mean exactly? Instead of throwing food out when its reached its pull date,  groceries that are still perfectly edible will be donated to the local hunger relief agency. The agency will then distribute the food to people in need across our communities. Any food that is not fit for the hunger relief agency will be donated as cattle feed to help support local cattle ranches and dairy farms. Lastly, any food that is remaining will be donated as compost.

Make sure to follow along when I visit Sprouts Farmers Market next week for the grand opening!