Ensambl, a digital booklet of outfit inspiration at your fingertips.

What it is: A mobile app for your smart phone



It will prompt you to log in through Facebook, but will not post anything to your account.

Why it’s cool: First off, it’s free. Now picture this, you procrastinated on packing for your upcoming trip (every girl has done it.) You’re leaving in the morning and are at a loss on what to pack, so you grab your smart phone and open your Ensambl app. Once inside the app, you choose your destination. The app then provides you with outfit inspiration based on the local weather report! You can browse through the looks and select what you like and don’t like by swiping left or right, just like Tinder.

photo 2

The app even stores your “liked” outfits so you can go back and look through them anytime.

photo 1 (1)

Packed in minutes!

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