Mother’s Day Weekend

Good morning friends! I hope everyone had a nice weekend celebrating mom.

 We loaded up the whole family and headed over to Eastern Washington, where my in-laws live to dedicate Colette to the church. The drive over is always a dreaded thing for us. It used to be fun and relaxing, but ever since we brought our fur baby home 2 years ago it has turned into a daunting and stress filled event. She has massive car anxiety and has a full on melt down every time she goes for a drive that’s over 30 minutes. We’re talking constant whining, excessive drooling, and a full on battle to keep her from jumping into the drivers lap and at 85lbs, believe me, it is a battle.  We made it though! If anyone has any experience with doggy car anxiety and has any tips or suggestions for what has worked for you please let us know!

The next day we put on our Sunday best and went to Church. Pastor Daryl invited our family up on stage where he thanked the Lord for blessing us with our baby girl and prayed over her. After the service and dedication both sides of the family went to lunch before we hit the road for doggy war #2. A perfect end to our mothers day celebration.

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