What We Bought On Amazon in 2018

Is there an easier way to shop than on Amazon? If there is, I need to know about it. Pretty much everything you can imagine is right there on one site. Most items come with free shipping, and the package usually shows up on my doorstep within 2 days of ordering. I mean seriously! If I need something (especially in a hurry) Amazon is the first place I start my search.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of the things we bought on Amazon over the last year.


  • SILK PILLOWCASE. I was tempted to buy a much more expensive one at Nordstrom. However, I’m glad I didn’t because this one is just as good and a fraction of the cost! Side note, silk pillowcases are much better for your skin and hair.
  • A pack of 8 AROMATHERAPY ESSENTIAL OILS. I love the combination of orange and lemongrass on spring and summer mornings because it makes our house smell so good and gets my creative juices flowing. At night I combine lavender and frankincense to create an intoxicating yet relaxing scent.
  • This MAKE-UP ORGANIZER is the best!! It beats rummaging under the bathroom sink or digging through a drawer any day! I keep all of my everyday essentials (plus some) on it to make getting ready a little easier.
  • This FABRIC STEAMER is such little gem! I hate to iron, and with this little guy I don’t need to!
  • MATTRESS PROTECTOR this was a must when potty training and transitioning our little to her big girl bed. She’s had two accidents and both times the mattress stayed dry!
  • FIT INDEX SCALE, I’ve never loved a scale more in my life. Ha! It measures 13 different body compositions, takes AAA batteries, and is bluetooth compatible so you can easily track your progress.


  • I love layering NECKLACES, I have a few dainty ones that I wear almost daily. However, with our vacation coming up I wanted something a little sturdier and that I wouldn’t mind wearing in the salty water. I picked this one up for $10, it’s a great alternative!
  • TWO-TONE PUMPS I’ve worn so so many times. They are super comfortable and versatile.
  • I get compliments every time I wear my Dolce Vita Ramona WHITE BOOTS. They run true to size, are amazing quality, and seriously comfortable!
  • I’m obsessed with these toddler size GOLDEN GOOSE DUPES, and Coco loves the glitter!


  • Outdoor SPLASH POND. The perfect little outdoor activity.
  • Melissa and Doug WATER WOW REUSABLE ACTIVITY PADS. Perfect for toddlers and traveling.
  • 4-in-1 UNIVERSAL ADAPTER I haven’t used this yet, we bought it for our upcoming trip, but it’s color coded and has a tiny map in matching color codes for easy use.
  • LITTLE TIKES princess cozy truck ride-on. We  bought this for Coco  for Christmas and she loves it!

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