What we bought on Amazon in 2020

Is there an easier way to shop than on Amazon? If there is, I need to know about it. Pretty much everything you can imagine is right there on one site. Most items come with free shipping, and the package usually shows up on my doorstep within 2 days of ordering. I mean seriously! If I need something (especially in a hurry) Amazon is the first place I start my search.

Therefore, I thought it would be fun to do a round-up of the things we bought on Amazon over the last year.

A photo featuring some of my Amazon purchases from 2020.


  • FOLEX CARPET CLEANER. I use this on carpet and upholstery to tackle any and all stains.
  • ACRYLIC EYEWEAR ORGANIZER. I mounted this to the wall in my closet and I am so happy with it. Now I can easily find my sunglasses! I also bought this one for necklaces.
  • DARTS. This is obviously not for everyone, but I bought my husband a dart board for Christmas and we quickly realized that we should add a little flair with new darts.
  • FOOD SCALE. This may sound crazy, but I took an interest in counting macros ( I haven’t started yet) and a food scale was a must have.
  • MACRO COOKBOOK. Again, I haven’t started counting macros (yet) but I did take a look over the cookbook and it seems pretty do-able as long as you can count and plan everything out in advance.
  • KINDLE FIRE CHARGER. Our original charger was frayed so we needed a new one.
  • BRAAVA MOP. Meet my new best friend. Between the Roomba and the Braava, I never need to clean the floors. It’s AMAZING.
  • BRAAVA WET MOPPING PADS. A must if you have a Braava.
  • BENCH PRESS STANDS. In true 2020 fashion, our garage has officially turned into the gym.
  • ECHO FLEX. This little guy is awesome! We placed it in the hall and attached this NIGHT LIGHT to it. She does almost everything a full size Alexa can do, but is just a little wall plug in.
  • AB ROLLER. Need a quick ab workout? This little guy helps with stabilization and strengthening.
  • EXERCISE FLOOR MATS. We put 3 sets of these mats down in our garage which was transformed into our gym. They stay together well and offer a great cushion.
  • GATORADE TOWEL. Another home gym accessory.
  • SHOWER HOOKS. I love that these shower hooks hang the curtain and liner on separate hooks, it makes washing them so much easier.
  • AEROBIC STEP. I originally bought this with hopes of adding more risers for box jumps.
  • ADJUSTABLE WEIGHT BENCH. A great bang for your buck!
  • ESSENTIAL OILS. I found this Santal oil on Amazon and it smells amazing.
  • WINDOW LOCKS. Our windows don’t have locks built in, so we bought these removable locks to place on our upstair windows.
  • SQUARE UMBRELLA BASE. We needed an umbrella stand for our outdoor table. I wanted something a little sleeker and more modern than the traditional round styles so we opted for this square one with a matte black finish.
  • OUTDOOR MISTERS. BEST purchase of 2020. I love these things! It makes the backyard feel like a little oasis.
  • GROUT PEN. Our kitchen has white tile countertops. Not ideal as the white grout gets stained and dirty. I clean the grout really well and then color it back white with this pen.
  • OUTDOOR SOLAR LIGHTS. Another addition to our backyard that we love.
  • BEAR CLAW SHREDDERS. Ever make chicken in your Instant Pot or Crockpot? Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of these. They make shredding so much easier and faster than using forks.
  • AIR FRYER. In my opinion this air fryer is number one. It’s larger than a lot of others on the market and it’s white!
  • PRINCESS CASTLE PIGGY BANK. The cutest piggy bank out there for a little princess lover.



  • GIRLS BILLABONG BEACH HAT. I can’t with these. They are too stinking cute. My husband wears his all summer long and my girls always steal it. When I found one in kid size, I bought two.
  • COATED DENIM JEANS. I ordered these for our fall family photos. Amazon had the best price out of all the retailers.
  • NUDE LEOTARD. Remember the girls Troll’s costumes?
  • SUN HAT. Love love love this hat! The structure, shape, color, size..everything is perfect.
  • FACE MASKS. I bought a leopard mask and a tie-dye one when the mask mandate went into effect.
  • NO SHOW SOCKS. These are great!!
  • LITTLE GIRL CLOTHES. I found so many cute pieces so I am adding them all below.


  • HAIR GROWTH CAPSULES. I have only been using these for a few days, so I can’t give you my honest review. I can tell you that my girlfriend is the one who told me about them and she swears by them.
  • FOOT RASP. Game changer! This thing is only $10 and is amazing. After just one use my feet were softer than after getting a professional pedicure. I kid you not. Thanks Amazon.


  • JUMBO POWERED DUMP TRUCK. My girls are obsessed with the garbage man so this was a must have this Christmas.
  • FURREAL PANDA. The BEST gift we bought hands down. My daughter would not go to sleep unless my husband and I stayed in her bed and rubbed her ear until she fell asleep. That was until we got plum, the Furreal Panda. Plum is interactive and also has a sleep mode that plays music or white noise at night. We tried it when she first arrived, and ever since she has been able to go to sleep without us.
  • ASTRONAUT COSTUME. Cora is obsessed with the Moon. She looks for the moon every single night and gets so excited to see it. She constantly asks me “mom, you want to go to the moon with me?” Now our future astronaut can play the role.
  • MINNE MOUSE MICROWAVE. Like a fool, I didn’t buy this when I first saw it at Target. Once I went back it was completely sold out in store and online. Luckily, Amazon pulled through once again and I was able to get it in time for Christmas.
  • TRAIN SET. I placed this around the kids Christmas tree and they loved it! It makes noise and produces steam.
  • BIKE BELL. My oldest daughter asked for a princess bell for her bike for her birthday. Naturally, once she had a bell her little sister wanted one as well..she requested Frozen.
  • KNEE PAD SET. Coco rarely crashes on her scooter, but still wanted knee pads. This princess set is perfect. It comes with elbow, wrist, and knee pads.
  • ANIMAL JIGSAW PUZZLE. This educational toy is so neat. It comes with cards and a variety of different color shapes so kids can create an array of things.
  • BALANCE MONKEY MATH GAME. Another educational toy that helps to make learning fun.
  • CODE-A-PILAR. Cute little coding caterpillar toy. He moves in the direction of his code.
  • LETTER GAME. Help your little one recognize letters and learn to spell.
  • MICRO MINI KICKBOARD. Hands down the best scooters for kids.
  • MAGNETIC TILES. So cool, you can literally create anything with them.

Happy New Year friends //